About Legend by the Legends


Fender Precision bass is the guitar that had started the revolution in rock music World. It is the first professionally designed bass guitar, that gave birth to such genres as rock`n`roll and progressive rock. Many popular guitarists used Fender Precision Bass as their guitar during the tours. And here is what they say about it:

Michael Peter Balzary, 55, Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Well, I remember our first tours as if it was yesterday. I`ve had some skill by that time of course, but it still was really worrying to play in front of huge crowds. My Precision Bass has always been with me. I always gave preference to a classical version, as it makes the most classy and powerful bass sound in my opinion. Although I had had a lot of opportunities to upgrade, I`ve been using my old Fender Bass for almost three years. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best guitars, I`ve ever played.

Tony Harper, 56, former member of Roy Harper

  • It`s not that I`m being selfish, but my black fretless Fender Precision is probably one of the most recognizable bass guitars in the World. It`s become not the part of my image only, but a part of my life as well. I customized it a lot. The main idea behind this was to make it look as raw and wild as possible. That`s why my version has that unfinished ebony fingerboard with side markers only. I was removing parts for as long as the guitar remained convenient to play. There were of course some things that I didn`t change at all, like maple neck (which is the most comfortable after you get used to it) and the vintage-styled bridge and tuners. They`re nice, so I didn`t move them.

Mike Dirnt, 45, Green Day

  • The old classy things have always been my passion. I also get used to things pretty fast. So it is not surprising that I fell in love with Fender Precision Bass. I still sometimes think of times when I was working on customizing this guitar. My favorite concept is road-worn things, so I tried wearing it with me in all our tours. So, the road-worn pattern on my version is pretty natural. I also replaced a neck plate with my own one.
    But the thing I enjoy the most in al Fender production is how easy-to-use and long serving it is. I almost intuitively found out the way to customize the guitar and to replace its` parts when needed. Although I did a lot of visual customization, the functional part remained untouched almost, as I think they are good enough by themselves. The ash body is both beautiful and sits comfortably in hands. The custom single-coil pickup still does all the electronic job decently.

Duff McKagan, 54, Guns`n`Roses former member

  • My guitar always has to be outstanding. I designed the body in a pearl-white color, with black neck. It is really special due to having no pickguard. Another feature is a three-way pick-up switch, with individual volume controller for each one. There also small visual effects, like engraved skull emblems. This Precision Bass sample is also pretty good in terms of sounding and playability. It is comfortable and functional.

The bass guitarists of many famous rock groups used Fender Precision Bass guitars for their live performances. This bass will be suitable for both mediocre and professional players. If you are looking forward to learning more about this legendary guitar, check musiety.com out. There is a lot of information about this guitar, including history facts and purchase recommendations.