3 Best “Backup Power” sources your Solar System


Solar power is a reliable, low-maintenance and consistent source of renewable energy. Although you may know the sun rises every day, it also sets every night, and clouds can sometimes block the sun. Your solar panels won’t generate power if this happens. You will need to have a backup power source if your solar system is not connected to the grid.

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  1. 3. Wind Power

The wind can be used to supplement your renewable energy source. This works well when combined with solar, as the wind can often kick up during storms and block the sun. This will ensure you have power even in severe weather.

There are no guarantees that wind power will be available at night. You may lose power even after sunset. Space is another important concern. You probably don’t have enough yard space to install a wind turbine. Turbines are more complicated than solar panels because they contain so many moving parts.

  1. 2. Generator

Although generators were a reliable source of emergency power long before solar power became popular, they are still compatible with many solar power systems. They can be connected to your hybrid inverter to switch to generator power when solar power is not available. Generators come in many different types and can be used with different power sources. If you need to use one in an emergency, however, you will most likely need a propane- or gas-powered generator. A generator is still dependent on fossil fuels so it’s not the best option if you want to be green.

  1. 1. Solar Batteries

A solar battery bank is the best source of backup power for your solar power system. Your panels will produce more power during the day than what you use in your home. If your panels are not connected to the grid, taking advantages of net-metering, or you don’t own a battery bank then any excess power goes to waste. You can store extra energy in solar batteries to be used later, such as after the sun sets.

To connect to your secondary power source, you will need a hybrid inverter such as a Sunny Boy or off-grid inverter.