Different Types Of Mortgage Loan Calculators And How They Can Save You Money


Every bit of savings you can earn counts. Savings is a big part of being financially stable along with paying bills on time. One of the most crucial payments all homeowners should prioritize is their mortgage. A smart way of efficiently paying a mortgage is through using mortgage loan calculators. These handy and often times free calculators allows homeowners to schedule their payments to ensure that they can afford it.

There are different circumstances that surround a person’s life and ability to make mortgage loan payments. From a stable income to basic necessities, these are all factors that contribute to how much you can allot for mortgage payments. Luckily there are different types of loan calculators you can use like the following:

Fixed-Rate Calculators
A fixed-rate mortgage payment scheme is one that offers homeowners both a fixed monthly payment price and interest rate until the loan is paid in full. Where to find loan calculators like these? They are the most accessible one since this is the most basic type of mortgage loan terms offer by  many lending companies. By using this type of calculator homeowners can project how much money they need to set aside monthly for 15 – 30 years, depending on the contract signed.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages or ARM Calculators
Another common type of mortgage loan is one that gives a fixed rate for the first few months of the terms, usually between 36 – 120 months, and the amount and interest rates adjust accordingly after the agreed first few months. Homeowners have a bit more control when using this type of loan calculator because they can specify the frequency of payments after the fixed-rate payments are completed. During these circumstances a loan calculator is very handy.

Refinance Calculator
Being smart about getting a new mortgage to replace the old one is called refinancing and can be a smart move for a homeowner who knows what they’re doing. Where to find loan calculators that give you rates if you choose to finance? Easy. There are countless free websites on the internet that will calculate how much you can save if you refinance your home. The key is timing. So don’t rush into refinancing without knowing more about the market and what you stand to gain.

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculator
There are some calculators online that give you estimates for bi-weekly mortgage payment schemes. Sometimes paying the entire mortgage once a month makes the numbers too high and it is harder to save up that way. Using a bi-weekly payment scheme there is less pressure to meet high payments and the process becomes less painful. A bi-weekly mortgage calculator gives you estimates in interest rates and cost of payments you need to make twice a month.

Using mortgage Loan Calculators helps homeowners see how many payments and how much they need to set aside until the loan is fully paid. It is better for financial planning and security. Whether you prefer to make fixed monthly payments or pay bi-weekly these calculators allow you to plan payments and save money.

Are you looking to purchase a new home? You can get the confidence and assurance you need by using a loan calculator. Learn Where to find loan calculators here.