For my sweet little brother


Out of all the friends that we have in our lives, our brothers are the best ones. We also have a best friend in our friend circle but the place of a brother no one can take, rather we do not allow anyone to step into our friend zone the way we allow our brothers. People say that your friends hear stories from you and your best friends have lived those stories with you. Then our brothers must have designed those stories along with us to be cherished forever. Time changes rather flies and from the fighting siblings we become the caring ones. Didn’t our eyes fill with tears when our younger brother calls up just to know have you eaten the lunch on time? Suddenly, we feel that the naughty spoilt boy has grown into an adult who puts the family first before any other thing.


The sister has taught him to write A, B, C, when she herself was struggling to hold a pen. She has also fed him when mom was bathing. A sister always treats a brother just like a mother from childhood itself. But a brother takes time to become like a father to a sister. It’s a habit of the sisters to keep half of the chocolate or cake for her brother and that habit continues till old age. When your brother is away from you and you miss him on all occasions, and keep on buying rakhi gifts for brother, diwali gifts for brother, New Year greeting card for brother, Christmas chocolates for brother, etc. so that when he comes home, you can shower him with all these gifts. Missing the near and dear ones when they are not around is understood but you can also send a piece of your love by packing some lovely gifts and sending it to them. It would relax your mind a bit for sure.


You must be remembering that once in childhood your brother collected money for months to buy an expensive ice cream on your birthday to see a smiling face of yours. Who knows may be till today he collects things which you would love and keeps them safe in his suitcase so that he can gift you all those on his return. That sweet little brother of yours still demands gifts from you because he will always remain a kid to you. Buy a nice watch as a rakhi gift for brother and a perfume as a birthday gift for him. If he is a gadget freak, you can also plan to gift him some electronic item on Diwali.

Your brother was, still is, and would always remain your first and the last best friend. All other friends would move with their events of life but a brother would be there with you till the last time of your life.