Hacking Interior Design With Cable Management


There’s a lot of cable management home hacks and tips that may seem like a great idea at first, but if you’re the type of person who wants to live in elegance and class, having a toilet paper roll to hide excess electrical cords is cringe-worthy for homeowners that care about interior design.

How Cable Straps Improve Home Decor

Zip ties, hair ties, bread clips, and, yes, toilet paper rolls are cord management solutions that won’t impress the ladies and may raise an eyebrow or two when your new friend sees how you store your cords. For professional cable organization and storage, the smartest strategy is to find the hook fastener aisle in your town’s local office supply or hardware store.

What Are Hook Fasteners?

You may have never heard anyone call VELCRO® by it’s generic legal patented invention: hook-and-loop tape, touch tape, but not velcro or Velcro, but VELCRO®. Touch tape has been on the market since the 1950s and introduced into every industry for its amazing amount of endless uses. Utilized in the cable cord industry, cable wraps that use loop tape have been found to work the best for quick clean up and long electrical cables most anywhere in your home.

Cable Ties Can Hide Wires

Keep all your electrical cords off the floor and hidden behind your furniture or running along your ceiling instead of taped to your walls or strung up with tacks or other DYI cable ideas. Using tape on your walls to string your cords or even decorative lights can damage the paint and looks horrendous. Many office supply stores carry adhesive backed cable fasteners to keep cords organized and in line on their desk or against the wall without the appearance of shiny tape. With sticky-back cable ties, you can hide wires under or behind the desk or anywhere that there is excess wire slack.

Organize Inside Cabinets

When you open your TV entertainment stand to pull out your remote control, video game console, and headphones are the wires a bird’s nest of a mess? Electrical cable ties can be hooked to the wire of the appliance, so you never lose the wire tie. When you’re done with the headphones or extra wires needed for your entertainment console, wrap up the wire, and your entertainment cabinets will look tidy until the next game night.

Create A Hook & Loop Pegboard

If you have a lot of small tools that have a loop through the handle, such as a paintbrush or a keychain, fasten a row of tie wraps into a pegboard and hang all sorts of small gadgets for your families needs. Hang a pegboard in your garage, laundry room, or even to the inside of a cabinet or door and keep small items out of the way but easy to find.

De-Clutter The Garage With Cable Wraps

Even your garage could use some feng shui. Don’t just let your family pile up the power cable cords in a collection and call it an organized heap. There are so many kinds of RipLocks from ones that remain on the line with buckles that cinch down to keep wires tight, to tie wraps that can be suspended from the wall or clipped to a metal utility shelf or towel rod.

Organize Every Corner & Drawer

Once you get the hang of how cord wraps make our lives easier, you start to see that the ways you can use them are genuinely endless. Cord ties that use hook tape are the superior choice among computer tech industries because they’re designed to be used for power cords that transfer a lot of energy and sensitive to magnets.

For an upgrade to your interior home decorating makeover shopping list, I’d suggest buying a few different kinds of cable ties, including the type of cable straps with grommets and start wrapping and hiding all those messy wires. If you’re like me, you may discover that you can’t stop finding more ways to love cable ties.