Spring Cleaning Tips with Hook and Loop Products



There are numerous ways hook and loop products can benefit your home, bringing organization. With spring in the air, many get their rubber gloves on and use a little extra elbow grease to make their homes sparkle – and organized. Here are some home hacks for getting organized with hook and loop tape.

Velcro Makeup Boards

If you rummage through your vanity regularly or can’t seem to find your favorite lipstick because it’s lost in a drawer of loads of other skincare products, you may benefit from making a Velcro makeup board.

Grab a large bulletin board or piece of poster board and mount it to the wall. Then use hook and loop tape and fix it to the board in small circles. Put the soft side of the tape on the back of your makeup pieces. Larger items, such as eyeshadow palettes may require more than one piece of Velcro. Once you get the Velcro on our makeup, put the hook side of the Velcro on the loop part. Then you need to place the makeup on the board and press it down to get the item to stick.  Reusable Velcro cable wraps can also help you stay organized.

Test it by taking your makeup off the board. If it doesn’t come off correctly, press the hook parts back down onto the board if necessary. You can also use hot glue to get it to stick on the back of the dots.

Organize Your Spice Cabinet

Organize your spices and free up cabinet space! Grab your hook and loop tape and place a piece on the back side of a spice jar, fixing the opposite side to the inside of your cabinet door. It may be wise to put tape at the top and bottom of the spice jar to ensure a secure fit.

Secure Your Remote’s Location

Does your remote controller get lost regularly? Perhaps the kids run off with it or it falls between the cracks of the couch. You can fix this problem by using hook and loop tape.

Place a piece of Velcro on the back of all of your remotes – just remember to avoid putting it on the battery door because that can cause it to pull off. (Then you will be looking for batteries too!) Place the opposite side where you want to put your remotes full time, such as inside of a drawer or on the edge of your coffee table. Now that you have a designated location for your remotes, you will hopefully find that they get put where they belong more frequently.

Create Hidden Storage

Do you have keys or safety devices you need to have easy access to that is inconspicuous to others? While cleaning out your junk drawer where it might currently reside, you can get more organized. Store it under a staircase or drawer with a hook and loop fastener.

With a little ingenuity, you can get your spring cleaning done and your home organized while optimizing the things important to you.