The perfect Italian travel itinerary


Are you an Italy lover? If yes, then you might want to know as many things as possible about what cities you are recommended to visit, about the sights you need to see for yourself, and about the people here in general. No matter if you decide to travel by car or by booking your flight tickets early, you need to know that you are going to feel at home in each Italian city you are going, given the fact the culture and citizens here are absolutely mesmerizing. If you travel by car, don’t forget to check Edmunds opinion on the new Audi A5. Traveling in a comfortable car is much better than encountering mechanical problems along the way. Think twice before your departure. Now, leaving behind all the details, see below what you can visit in Italy.


Every Italian-culture passionate knows at least one small thing about Venice. It’s charm and mystery will make you instantly fall in love and desire to come back. Visiting Venice should definitely include a trip to the closest museums, where a collection of many paintings dating from the fourteenth-century rest unbothered. It won’t take more than one hour to visit it and you will remain breathless. Who visits Venice without taking a gondola ride? Take your loved one with you and enjoy one of the most romantic rides on the water. The Doges’ Palace should also be on your list, with its stupendous architecture and grand halls. Pay attention to the ticket prices and the seasonal offers. Finish by admiring the Ponte dei Sospiri from a gondola and you’ll feel part of the Italian society.


Florence has that Italian beauty you won’t be able to forget very soon. Visiting the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, also called the Firenze’s Duomo which is located right in the middle of the city should be part of your itinerary, especially if you are going to spend just a little time in Florence. Don’t forget that the high-speed trains in Italy and the train station conveniently placed downtown in Florence will allow you to visit locations like Pisa. Back to Florence, you should opt to visit the Mercato Centrale, where you can buy amazing bites to eat and some souvenirs from home. Ponte Vecchio will definitely leave you mesmerized by the architectural beauty of the city.

Final Thoughts

Italy can be overwhelming, knowing that there are plenty of places worth visiting and a lot of food to try, but if you are going to organize your time wisely you will fulfill all your desires related to this country. Experiencing traveling at the maximum level involves some motivation and care from you. Without carefully planning ahead what you are going to visit in such a short time, you risk wasting precious time, which is definitely not something you would want to do. Take your time choosing what places you would like to see and what locations you’d like to visit during your trip.