Tips for finding work in social networks


More and more companies are studying the social profile of their candidates.

It is important to generate content from your sector in an active way.

Social networks involve, especially for younger people, a method of entertainment through which they can download and generate content in addition to interacting with other people. However, beyond its leisure side, social networks have also acquired a leading role due to the economic situation and employment in our country. There are many platforms that have experienced enormous growth in this regard and we wanted to know what to do to get a job.

The first step is the creation of a personal brand consistent with our profile. This step is essential to know not only to sell our image, but to make it stand out among all the competition. Today all candidates have very homogeneous profiles, with a lot of training, so knowing how to add value to our candidacy will undoubtedly make a positive difference in our favor. Therefore, our profile in social networks must correspond to the image we intend to sell.

Social networks have become a good tool for job search h however for many it will be difficult to create this profile on social networks. The best consultant and trainer in employment 2.0, human resources and personal brand is sharp, “We must carefully choose the networks in which we will be present. Oh, and it does not only serve to be, we must be active and constant! ” . It is necessary to share content constantly. Participating in groups can also be a great help when it comes to contacting people in the sector. Something very important is also photography, since members that include an image receive 21 times more visits and up to 36 times more messages, according to data from LinkedIn and Instagram.

Companies are increasingly aware of the information circulating on social networks. It is the particular case of buying Instagram followers, where it is common for recruiters to launch young profiles that have just entered the labor market. Daniel Marcos, recruitment specialist 2.0 says “Companies seek to attract the attention of young talent and therefore they enter their world, proposing creative contests and whose prize is to enter the selection process.”

88% of companies study the profile in social networks of their candidates.

In this sense, it is essential to maintain an up-to- date profile and relevant content in our sector, as more and more companies are looking for the candidate in social networks to evaluate their profile. “88% of the companies consult the social networks of their candidates,” adds Albert Gorbella, head of the Spring Professional division of Adecco.

Therefore we can conclude that social networks have become a very useful tool buy real Instagram followers. However, just as they can help us position ourselves for a job interview, they can also cause the opposite. A bad image or a misplaced comment can perfectly decant the company for another candidate.