Want to Be A Summer Camp Counsellor?


If you enjoy dealing with children, possess a good attitude and love of activities, projects and the outside; being a summer day camp counsellor will be the ideal job for you. Freedom is just a huge plus within this kind of work, you’ll need an encouraging, and as you never understand what your day may put at you, can do attitude.


Whether you performing the chicken dance and carrying a crazy ensemble are managing lakeside activities or mediating a squabble between travellers, you’ll have to cause your best game. Listed below are several strategies for obtaining the summer work of the dreams.

Generally, consultants are employed to do something as fun leaders training various specific activities or managing general camp operations. Swimming horse riding, projects and character education are simply some of the variety fun-packed outdoor activities you will appreciate right combined with the children at day camp.

You will need lots of a feeling of humour, imagination, management skills and most importantly, persistence.


That is vitally important as camps usually begin looking for team within the winter season. Do not worry if you should be a little late; several applications still have opportunities in June and May.

Have great recommendations available and observe that some sites may request you to create your application to be accompanied by a facebook video.


Looking Locally:

If you should be buying work near where you stay, contact YMCAs local day camps, city recreation departments and other youth agencies to determine if they are searching for summer camp America staff.

You become able to make use of these connections and might recognize others who work-there.


Look On Line:

There are certainly a number of sites listing summer camp jobs including Camping Website Camping Station and Camping Site.


Exist Educational Needs?

Although there aren’t certain academic needs for summer camp counsellors, it will help to possess Medical certification and CPR plus it might even provide you with an advantage over other candidates.

In your software, stress just how you wish to bring the entertaining forward by being a therapist yourself and your summer camp activities.

If you have used two or a summer in a camp like a therapist-in-instruction, you’ve real on-the-work experience coping with travellers from the counsellor position.

Many consultants were once travellers in the exact same camp to that they are using. Obviously, this could provide you with a leg-up within the hiring process since you know on top of that, customs and tunes, and the camp tradition; you’ve a genuine and infectious love of the camp.


Get Experience Dealing With Kids:

You are able to collect additional experience dealing with children although you might not have particularly worked in a summer camp. Ask teachers, instructors or guidance counsellors for ideas.


Emphasize Your Advantages:

Approachability, sympathy, management imagination capability and excitement are characteristics that administrators are searching for within their team… Plus a little goofiness does not hurt!

If you also have the capability to put others before yourself, patient and are accountable, you’ll be considered a good choice.


Have You Got a Unique Expertise?

When you have a specific expertise or specialization that ties in using the applications of the camp, make sure to emphasize this in your application.

While wilderness camps might area right in about the fact which you spent summers camping along with your family or spend years in Boy Scouts camps that emphasize the arts, for instance, might be thrilled with your knowledge about the keyboard or encounter with musical theatre production. Any qualifications in camp-related parts are important.

Therefore, get focusing on that application! Make sure to emphasize the good, listing all relevant expertise offer or settled and set love and your excitement of children’s top and heart.