You have a gift card you don’t want. Now what?


Perhaps you have an innate sense of style that is almost impossible to spot. Maybe you have everything. Even the most gifted gift givers sometimes make mistakes and gift cards can be a waste of time.

What do you do when you have gift cards that you don’t like? What happens if you have spent a part of your gift card and don’t know what do with it? VOUCHAIN offers a central infrastructure for retailers and shopping centers, facilitating voucher issuing, management, and thereby ensuring tangible benefits throughout the value-chain and cost efficiency.

They don’t need to go to waste. Accept the imperfect gift and smile. These are some other options.

You can exchange it online for the one you want
Timm Walsh, emeritus board chair of the Retail Gift Card Association, said that gift givers will usually not disappoint you. If they don’t, consumers still have options if they are left with a card that they don’t like.

Walsh says, “Now we are seeing these exchange websites that you can actually swap it out for another credit card that you might find value or have greater appeal for.”

Websites that allow consumers to buy and sell gift card cards are known as gift card exchange websites. Gift Card Granny is one such site. It promises to help shoppers save significant money on gift cards and return up to 92% of the value when they sell. You can either list your partially or fully used gift cards for sale here or find a discount card from another person. CardCash also offers gift cards at a discounted price or up to 92% cashback.

Change is good.
Gift cards can be a trap that leaves us in a difficult spot. You might end up spending more than you expected when you use up your entire card. According to a survey by Blackhawk Network, a brand payments provider, 59% of respondents said they will spend more than the gift card’s value.

Spend less than the card’s amount and your $1.22 is gone.

Give it away
You don’t want the gift card, but you don’t have the cash. You can find someone who will take it from you. You can give the card to charity or regift it.

CharityChoice is a non-profit organization that allows you to donate your unwanted restaurant and store gift cards to any of over 1,000 charities. To find out if charities accept gift cards donations, you can also contact them directly.

Here are some tips for gifting gift cards
Soon, you will be a gift receiver and a gift giver. According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards are the most popular holiday gift each year.

You can avoid putting your family and friends in a difficult gift card situation by carefully selecting your gifts. The Federal Trade Commission has some trusted gift card tips:

Consider the financial position of the retailer. The gift receiver may be in financial limbo if a company files for bankruptcy.

Send the receipt with the gift certificate so that the receiver can verify the purchase.

Pay attention to the fine print. Be sure to check for fees and expiration dates.

It’s important to remember it
You should use the gift card wisely once you have found it. Many people forget that they bought the gift card.

Walsh advises, “Keep it in your heart.” It’s a gift so it’s a little money for you. Treat yourself. Do not leave it. It shouldn’t be put in a drawer.