CAA, NRC Row – Stop NPR


Opposition’s Appeal to Chief Ministers Against Citizens’ List

Although the NPR (National Population Register) work has yet to begin across the country, it was expected that the NRC (National Register of Citizens), will soon be in place to allow illegal migrants to be captured from the country.

The 20 opposition parties that met in Delhi decided that Chief Ministers who refused to execute the National Register of Citizens should cease the practice of the National Population Register which is the basis of their taxpayers’ list.

The NPR has been put on hold in Kerala and Bengal. These Chief Ministers have also announced that the NPR would not be implemented.

A settlement was reached in this regard as a challenge to BJP allies like Nitish Kumar and Chief ministers such as YS Jagan Mohan Reddy of Andhra Pradesh and Naveen Patnaik from Odisha who want to maintain an equal distance between the Congress and BJP.

The National Population Register was to be used to create a National Register of Citizens to help eliminate illegal migrants from the 41.

The NRC was supposed be to get rid of foreigners. Critics claimed it was biased by Muslims. After the protests by the NRC and citizens’ records, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that there is no discussion about the national NRC as of today.

Along with the ministers of resistance, Mr Reddy and Herr Patnaik declared that they would not allow the National Register of Citizens or the execution of Citizenship Amendment Act. But, the National Population Register was not addressed.

Nitish Kumar, who supported it in parliament and had flipped his party’s position before, changed his stance after being nudged by senior leaders of his party.

Nitish Kumar, Nitish Kumar said in the meeting that there was no question about the necessity to execute the NRC in Bihar.

Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of Bengal, halted work on it for a month through an official arrangement. She stated that if the BJP wanted to execute NRC Bengal, it could happen “overmy dead body”.

The function was ceased, but a letter to 11 Chief ministers requested that they take action.