CrowdStrike vs Sophos EDR software comparison


CrowdStrike Falcon XDR is the best-in-class EDR solution. Sophos EndpointIntercept X takes endpoint detection to the next level. These EDR tools are comparable in features.

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CrowdStrike, Sophos and other leaders in the endpoint detection and response industry provide top-quality EDR solutions for all sizes of organizations. Due to the similar features and reputations in the industry, it can be difficult to choose between the two EDR tools. CrowdStrike Falcon XDR, Sophos Endpoint Intercept X and Sophos Endpoint Intercept X each build on their EDR solutions with enhanced detection/response, also known as XDR.

What is CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike Falcon XDR, an all-in one XDR suite, is designed to identify and prioritize threats. CrowdStrike Falcon Insight provides real-time forensics as well as human-readable visualizations. CrowdStrike’s XDR offers more big-picture information about endpoint security. CrowdStrike Falcon XDR features include fast deployment, zero impact on endpoints and quick operations.

What is Sophos?

Sophos Endpoint Intercept X provides protection against malware, ransomware exploits, viruses, and other threats to an organization’s network. Sophos Endpoint Protection offers endpoint detection, response, extended detection, response, exploit prevention and managed threat response.

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Comparison of CrowdStrike and Sophos Head-to-Head

Extensions and APIs

CrowdStrike has a large number of extensions and a robust API to integrate its EDR/XDR solution into an organization’s existing technology infrastructure. These integrations allow an organization to build a robust and comprehensive security environment while also including cloud-based solutions like AWS Security Hub or Amazon Workspaces.

Sophos offers integrations with other partners, but not as many. Sophos custom integrations can be used to enhance the functionality of existing systems and reduce administrative burden.


Forrester rates CrowdStrike at 5.0 for its detection, investigation and response capabilities as well as threat hunting capabilities. CrowdStrike has been rated by Forrester as the leading contender in EDR for 2022.

Comparatively, Sophos was rated 3.0 in detection capabilities, 1.0 in investigation capabilities and 3.0 in response capabilities. CrowdStrike performed significantly better during Forrester’s tests.

System coverage

CrowdStrike offers extensive system coverage for all major operating systems and a large range of possible endpoints including Windows, Mac, and Linux. CrowdStrike has a wide range of security products.

Forrester points out that Sophos’ coverage for operating systems is below-average. Sophos offers complete coverage for Windows and MacOS. Linux is supported but not all Sophos features will work in Linux environments.


CrowdStrike was designed to be lightweight and simple to deploy. CrowdStrike can be deployed immediately and has minimal system impact. Some users find Sophos to be resource-intensive, which can have an impact on efficiency and performance.


CrowdStrike as well as Sophos can provide visibility to your entire organization’s network, endpoints and networks. CrowdStrike offers both historical and real-time visibility across cloud architectures, as well as high-fidelity event data. CrowdStrike users appreciate the rich and extensive logging.

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Product Suite

Many security products can be used as part of a larger product line. CrowdStrike offers a wide range of products, including

  • Falcon Prevent
  • Falcon Insight
  • Falcon Device Control
  • Falcon Firewall Management
  • Falcon CWP
  • Falcon Identity Threat Detection
  • Falcon Complete: Managed Detection & Response

Some Falcon products come in bundles with other, more granular suites. Others are stand-alone. CrowdStrike offers more options than Sophos’, but some might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices.

Sophos offers a relatively small number of products, including Sophos Firewall and Sophos Managed Threat Response. The Sophos Central Management Console integrates with Sophos Server and Sophos Switch, Sophos Mobile and Sophos Encryption. CrowdStrike offers a wider range of products that can be used to create a Sophos security environment.

CrowdStrike vs. Sophos

CrowdStrike Falcon XDR is narrowly ahead of Sophos Endpoint Intercept X in terms of customer experience, product capabilities, and as measured by Gartner. However, Forrester tests show that the differences are more apparent. CrowdStrike outperformed Sophos in Forrester’s tests.

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Both EDR/XDR solutions offer similar features and are extremely robust. It will all come down to price for most companies. CrowdStrike Falcon XDR has been widely recognized for its accuracy and performance advantages over Sophos Endpoint Intercept X, but these additional features come at a higher cost.