What is “SFMLab” and How can you use it?


SFMLab, or Filmmaker Lab, is an open 3D lab network that allows you to access the best collection of 3D models via the site. Open3DLab allows you to share various general-purpose 3D resources via the site.

Smutbase is, however, for adult content. SFM Lab offers maps and models that can also be used with Source Filmmaker. Artists and creators can upload various 3d technology resource files such as Blender files or Maya files. All files are available for free on the website.

About SFMLab

SFM Lab was founded in 2014. It is the most popular Source Filmmaker resource site, besides the Steam Workshop. The site was added to the Open3DLab network in 2020. More than twenty-five thousand files are now available on the internet. This number is growing every day.

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Ganonmaster oversees the website management with the assistance of some volunteer moderators. Ganonmaster is responsible for maintaining the website infrastructure. He also works with some volunteer moderators. These websites are also funded by users, mostly via Patreon and ad revenue.

How to Make Use of SFMLab?

Follow these simple steps to learn how to import SFMLab models into SFM. This tutorial will show you how to import SFM subscription files. All of this is done on the main page. This is the SFM workshop. SFMLab provides diverse imports. Sometimes it might be mod-modified models.

Navigate to the browser and then enter SFM Lab

9636. Once you have the search results displayed, click on the first link to go to the SFMLab website. Here you can view all models.

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The filter that is based on the box can be found to the left of the screen. By simply entering the Search phrase for the model you are looking for, you can filter that area. You can also search the steam workshop for models that are very rare.

The search will load and the photos of all models will be displayed. Scroll down to see all descriptions and explanations.

The Download Links are located above the comments section. They contain two download sources: the US and Europe. Click on any of the download links to get the download.

If this doesn’t work, click here to see the link. Otherwise, the download will begin. Wait for a while. The zip file will begin to download.

Once finished, simply go to the download folder where you have checked your downloaded file as I did and with the marioodyssey SFM v66.zip file name.

Simply right-click on the zip file to extract it. The Extract files option will be available. Click OK to start the extraction. Once the folder is extracted, it will appear at the location that you selected. It’s best to use the same zip file that you downloaded.

  • Open the folder and you will see two folders within it called models and materials.
  • Simply drag the folders to the SFM folder of your steam application.

Before we do that, be sure to click in the model’s directory to verify the name. Once you have imported it into your user model folder, you will find the location under its name.

Click on the folder you want to verify the name of. It will show the name of the apoc model folder. To go to the folder, click on it.

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The model files will be displayed. This indicates that you have downloaded the correct path. Select folders, models and materials and then click on the right-click icon to select the copy option.

Navigate to the drive that you have installed steam. Steamapps > Choose common > Sourcefilmmaker > Select game > Click on usermod. Simply right-click to paste the folder you copied earlier in the user mode directory.

Notification: The notification will prompt you to replace the primary folder by the new folder. Simply click on Replace the files at the destination to the previous files and folders in the steam app.

Navigate to the software that will import the models. Locate the folder and click on the + button at the top of the screen. Click on the Create 3d liposuction  Animation set for New Model option to open the Select MDL box.

Click on Apoc Models. It will be located in the original folder. The subfolder option will appear.

Click on marioOdyssey to reveal the model names. To see the Model in various themes, such as a doctor or pirate, click on each one. Enjoy!

Section of Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get the activation email after signing up at SFMLab

The email should arrive within ten minutes. It is not guaranteed. If you don’t receive the activation email within one hour, be sure to check your 3d ultrasound spam folder. Because of provider throttling, it might take 48 hours to receive the activation email. If questions about activation mails are not sent to the administrator, they will not be answered.

Q: I Lost My Credentials, but I Want to Connect Through The SFMLab Account With My Open3DLab Lab Network Account.

We can help you get things done SFMLab using the username and SFMLab username.

Q: Log-on SFMLab isn’t working for me?

SFMLab now uses Open3DLab Network accounts. It is not possible to sign in using the old SFMLab accounts. You can instead use the same details to sign in for Smutbase or Open3DLab.

Q: Is it allowed to upload the underage character models that I would like?

No. No matter which morality argument you use, it doesn’t matter if they concern fictional characters or 3D-models. Local laws are at best vague. There might be cases where characters are not within an age bracket. These cases will be dealt with individually.

Q: Is there a set of rules for uploading files?

These are just a handful. These rules should be followed. Use your best judgment. Manual moderation can be used. This means that admins validate the content, upload legitimacy, and then evaluate it in accordance with the content standards.