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If you are like most Americans, you’re struggling with mounds of credit card debt. You may have dealt with a harsh blow or two during the Great Recession of the last decade such as losing your job, getting sick, or any other number of financial crises that have arisen over the last few years. Regardless of the reason, the main goal should be to get out of debt and fast.

The main issue with getting out of credit card debt is that the high interest rates and fees make it difficult to get ahead. And, for most people, trying to make more money in an effort to pay them down simply isn’t an option. And bankruptcy is never a good option. The good news is that there is a better way to get your credit card debt out of control: debt help services.

Debt help services were once thought to be services that people don’t have enough money to pay their bills would turn to in order to get out of debt. The truth is that debt help services are an underutilized service that can provide anyone with the help they need to get out of debt  fast. Here’s how it works:

As the borrower who is trying to get out of debt, the first move is to make the call to a debt relief agency. During your initial call you and a representative of the firm will make an appointment to begin the interview process. During the interview, you will need to lay out your income and expenses, just like with a financial counselor. This is because you are working with a real financial counselor who has your best interests at heart.

Next, you and your financial counselor will go over your credit card debt and create a plan for paying it off quickly. It is during the step that you truly begin to understand the many different ways that a debt relief organization can help you succeed. Your counselor will begin making calls to your creditors and begin working with them to negotiate a debt repayment plan that they are agreeable to and you can pay. These negotiations can encompass a wide range of things from reducing your interest rate and eliminating fees to reducing your balance. Then, after your new debt repayment plan has been completed, you will begin making a single, consolidated payment to the debt relief company who will then distribute it to your creditors as agreed.

So, how does this help you repay your debt faster? By reducing the fees and interest payments that you have to pay, not only will you be able to repay your credit card debt faster than you ever thought possible, you will also be saving yourself a ton of money. Plus, a debt settlement is much less damaging to your credit report than continued late payments or bankruptcy.

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