Tampa Auto Glass Repair And Replacement: Windshield Misconceptions You Must Know


When you have a chipped or cracked windshield, you will hear experts telling you not to go the cheapest route when looking for the Tampa auto glass repair and replacement shop to do the job, you might regret this decision later on.

You need to make sure that the windshield repair or replacement will be done properly or it might cave in and hurt occupants during a road mishap.

We also list down below some misconceptions of car owners about replacement windshields

Your Windshield Is Not A Safety Equipment


Your car’s windshield is a safety device. It basically keeps you inside your car and keeps things out of your vehicle. It consists of sheets of glass with a strong layer of vinyl in between.

As your windshield is a safety device, your own safety is compromised if your windshield has a crack or a chip. It is important to consult a Tampa auto glass repair and replacement expert when you have a damaged windshield.

You Can Drive Your Vehicle Immediately Following Autoglass Replacement


If the Tampa auto glass repair and replacement shop allows you to drive your car as soon as they’ve placed the new glass on your vehicle, then you’ve worked with the wrong people. The problem is that the wind might cause the glass to shift and may cause leaks when you drive under the rain.

Remember that the adhesive that holds your windshield needs time to set. For how long? It can vary from a few hours to as long as a day. The setting time may also depend on current weather conditions. On a warm day, the adhesives can harden quicker. During colder months, you might need to wait longer for the adhesives to dry up.

Insurance Claim Drives The Rates Up


Most cracks and chips on windshields are due to stones accidentally hitting your vehicle while on the road. This is an act of nature and is not your fault and is well covered by your insurance policy. Another common cause of windshield damage is theft or vandalism, which is also not your fault.

You Can Only Go To A Shop Referred By Your Insurance


You can go to any Tampa auto glass repair and replacement shop. Choosing the best shop that fits your needs is your right and your insurance company cannot direct you to go anywhere.

As a car owner, you also need to make sure you regularly check your windshield for possible problems:

*Regularly check the windshield for cracks and chips. Small ones can be repaired while a bigger damage might require auto glass replacement.

*Micro pits on your windshield might build up over time due to particles your car hits while on high speeds. These can decrease vision when hit by lights from oncoming traffic or when rays of the sun pass through. If the glass becomes badly pitted, consider replacement.

*Check the seal of the glass and the surrounding panels of the car’s body. Any damage around it might compromise the integrity of the glass. Consult experts when you see considerable dents on panels or breakage of seals.

*Make sure your wiper is in tip top condition and clears water on the glass on a single swipe.

If you are looking for a Tampa auto glass repair and replacement shop, contact Rock Auto Glass today. We provide best quality service at an affordable price that comes with a workmanship warranty.