JumpCloud vs Auth0: Compare identity management software


There are many software options available in the IAM market, which is growing rapidly. JumpCloud and Auth0 are two of the most well-known contenders. We’ll be discussing the differences between the two so that you can choose the right access management and identity software for your company.

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What is Auth0?

Okta offers Auth0, a cloud-based authorization and authentication platform. Auth0 offers a variety of IAM features including multi-factor authentication, universal log-in and single sign-on. Okta describes the platform as providing secure access for all users, including business partners and end customers.

JumpCloud: What’s it all about?

JumpCloud, a cloud-based directory platform that simplifies access, identity and device management, is 100% cloud-based. JumpCloud features include in-depth device and user management, SSO, and MFA. JumpCloud allows IT teams to view and manage all identities from one central location.

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JumpCloud vs Auth0: Feature Comparison

JumpCloud and Auth0 look very similar. Both include the core features that every IAM solution must have, including SSO and lifecycle management. There are slight differences between these tools.

Auth0, for example, offers passwordless authentication that allows users to authenticate using a device or biometrics. Auth0 supports a high degree of extensibility via app integrations, built in actions, and the possibility to use JavaScript for custom events.

JumpCloud provides a mobile device management platform that is built into the platform. This tool allows teams to register and configure devices remotely. Users can access the tool from any location and receive their devices.

  • Sign-up for one

JumpCloud and Auth0 both offer SSO as a key function. SSO allows users to connect to all their apps and tools with one login. JumpCloud and Auth0 both offer pre-configured connectors that teams can use right out of the box.

Auth0 allows teams to quickly configure any enterprise connection. This includes Active Directory and LDAP, ADFS, SAML, and ADFS. JumpCloud allows you to configure apps via SAML 2.0 and SCIM.

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  • Multi-factor authentication

MFA is a tool that IT teams use to prevent unauthorized access of business software, data and apps. JumpCloud and Auth0 both offer robust MFA solutions that are built into their platforms.

JumpCloud provides multiple MFA options, including push to verify, time-based onetime passwords, U2F keys, in-device biometrics and U2F keys. JumpCloud also offers conditional access. This allows teams to enforce or loosen MFA requirements depending on location or device. This is great news for IT departments that want to enhance the user experience and still protect security.

Auth0 offers several MFA options, including push notifications to preregistered devices and SMS notifications, voice notifications, and one-time passwords. Auth0 offers “step-up authentication”, which allows teams to request a stronger authentication method for users who enter certain areas of an app, website, or software.

  • User management

Team management tools allow them to grant or restrict user access from one location. IT teams can access the dashboard using Auth0 to view, create, remove, and view users. JumpCloud allows for easy user management across the entire lifecycle. Remote user management is also available on JumpCloud, which allows users to be managed remotely from anywhere in the world without the need for a VPN.

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  • Zero-trust security

Today’s technology environment requires that no device be trusted. All devices should be checked before access is granted. This is why zero trust security models are created. JumpCloud and Auth0 offer zero trust security features.

JumpCloud allows teams to set password requirements, activate MFA, and apply conditional access policies from one central location. JumpCloud provides security controls that comply with HIPAA, PCI DSS and GDPR.

JumpCloud users can use Auth0 to do the same thing as with JumpCloud. Auth0 includes bot detection and prevention. This intelligence tool is able to help teams rapidly mitigate attacks when they happen. Auth0 conforms to ISO27001, SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and other standards.

JumpCloud or Auth0?

It all comes down to your specific requirements. Auth0’s extensibility capabilities are a great choice for forward-looking teams who want to implement scalable solutions. JumpCloud is a great choice for teams who want out-of the box functionality and tools that can be used remotely, such as mobile device administration.