Justin Bieber’s Lyme Disease


A Serious Case Of Chronic Mono, Symptoms and Treatments

After Justin Bieber posted an Instagram story on Wednesday about his battle with Lyme disease, there are now new questions.

Justin Bieber, 25, said that he was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and has had a “serious case of chronic mono”

He wrote that Justin Bieber was a “repeat” of (expletive), but people didn’t realize that he had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. “Not only that, but it is a serious case of chronic mono, which has impacted my skin, brain function, vitality and overall wellness.”

Lyme disease is a common condition that has been reported in approximately 30,000 cases annually. However, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that the actual number of Lyme cases could be as high as 10 million.

Here are some facts to help you understand tick-borne diseases, which the CDC warns is on an upswing.

What is Lyme Disease?

An infection with bacteria known as Lyme disease can cause this condition. After an infected tick starts to feed and awaken, the germ moves about two days later. Although Lyme diagnosis may seem simple, it is difficult to confirm.

Lyme Disease Symptoms

Lyme disease symptoms include fatigue, fatigue, fever, headaches, joint and muscle pains, swelling of lymph nodes, and tiredness. Although these symptoms can look similar to other ailments, doctors may not be able to diagnose Lyme disease. In 60 to 80 percent of cases, a reddish or bull’s eye rash will appear on the skin. The rash may appear on the sting site, or elsewhere.

According to the Mayo Clinic, many specialists believe that Lyme patients are more likely to develop an autoimmune reaction. However, more research is needed.

How to Cure Lyme

Bieber stated in an Instagram post that he was currently being treated for Lyme disease. Although antibiotics are used in most cases, there is no cure.

According to the Mayo Clinic oral antibiotics are the most common treatment for early-stage Lyme disease. They include cefuroxime (based on age and condition), amoxicillin, and doxycycline.

Lyme symptoms are not cured by antibiotics. This condition, also known as disease syndrome, is not well-known in the community. Antibiotics don’t help.

Many people are looking for relief and alternative options. According to the Mayo Clinic, patients should consult their doctor.