Six EU groups moved resolutions 


Against Article 370 & CAA.

The EU (European Parliament), is ready to vote on and discuss a resolution that its members have drafted against India’s controversial CAA. (Citizenship Amendment Act). It claims this bill marks a dangerous shift in India’s citizenship system

Six groups from the European Parliament have submitted 6 resolutions. They have asked the Indian authorities for a constructive dialogue with protestors of the CAA law, and to consider their demands or requests to repeal the discriminatory CAA.

The largest European political party, the EPP (European People’s Party), has both conservative and liberal-conservative members. Transnational organizations are made up of political parties from other countries.

The European Parliament will vote on and debate a settlement reached by several of its members regarding India’s Citizenship Amendment Act. It states that this Act represents a dangerous shift in the nation’s citizenship system.

The resolution was jointly submitted by six groups of 559 members from the European Parliament.

The European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL Group) presented the resolution to the Parliament earlier in the week. It will be discussed 29 January and put to a vote 30 January.

Six settlements were submitted by classes within the EU. These include the Team of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D), Group of the European People’s Party(Christian Democrats), Group of the European People’s Party/European Free Alliances (Verts/ALE), Group of their Greens/European Free Alliances (Verts/ALE), European Conservatives and Reformists Groups (ECR), Renew Europe Groups (Renew), and European United Left/Nordic Green Left/GUE/NGL/GUE/NGL/NGL) Group.

Another group, which is 66 Members in European Parliament (MEPs), have transferred a sixth settlement, which affirms the Act, but involves an impartial probe into “excessive force by security forces against anti-CAA protesters,” reports The Indian Express.

The authorities are preparing for six harsh settlements on CAA, including Jammu and Kashmir reports The Hindu.