Air Hockey Game on Windows Phone 7


When it comes to games one would want to download on their phone there are a few simple favorites that are universally popular. Some of the most popular are Tetris style puzzle games and classics like air hockey. Air hockey has been popular since the advent of Pong, which one of the first video games ever. Pong started off as an arcade game and later moved into the homes of millions and is still considered a staple of the video game world as its innovation helped spawn the video game industry. Pong later spawned contemporary sequels and many air hockey video games that operate almost identically. This explains the predominance of many contemporary air hockey games as they are familiar to most gamers and easy to pick up and play. The ability of Air Hockey games to be easily started and stopped makes them a must have video game that can provide countless hours of entertainment.

Contemporary versions are considerably better than their antiquated equivalents such as Pong. Modern Air Hockey games have considerably better graphics and have implemented great additions to the game play. The best thing that has been added to these games is their being released on portable game systems and mobile phones. Some modern phones have touch screens and most of the games designed for them utilize all of the phone’s features to enhance the game play.

Many websites offer the opportunity for a free Windows Phone. Getting a Windows Phone free is actually possible, you just need to make sure the company offering this is legitimate. Many times companies will offer sweepstakes to entice people to visiting their website, and they do actually pay out the prizes. So, getting a free Windows phone 7 is not wholly unrealistic, but in many cases the odds are pretty much a long shot.

If you’re not knowledgeable about a lot of the new phone technology on the market then you may have never heard the term Windows Phone 7 before. Windows Phone 7 is the new version of the Windows mobile phone operating system. It is essentially to phone operating systems what Windows 7 is to computer operating systems. It is a much more stable phone operating system which allows one to be able to run a variety of programs with no lag or risk of your phone’s operating system crashing.